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A Family-Owned and Operated Metal Construction Company

Yutzy Construction is a family-owned and operated metal construction business that serves Northwest Arkansas with residential metal roofing services and stud-frame metal buildings. Our business has grown out of multiple generations of Yutzy craftsmen that are grounded in a hard work ethic, quality craftsmanship, and Christian values. Known for our speed and hard work on the job site, we also take pride in providing quality metal roofs and metal buildings that we know will last for years to come.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Multi-generational family business
  • Commitment to our customer’s satisfaction
  • Known for our hard work ethic
  • Competitive pricing with superior quality
  • Our owners work on the job-site

Our Story

Alvin Yutzy Sr. grew up in an Amish community with a rich heritage of hard working craftsmen and construction workers. After working in construction off and on for most of his life, Alvin started his own part-time construction business in Missouri during the 1990s. Being the father of 6 sons, he had an up and coming construction crew right in his own home. In the early 2000s, after some of the sons were old enough to work full time, Alvin transitioned Yutzy Construction to a full-time business that specialized in metal roofing and metal building construction.

In 2009 the Yutzy family moved to Huntsville, Arkansas, bringing their business with them. The amazing folks in Northwest Arkansas were quick to appreciate the hard work ethic of our crew and didn’t take long for the word to spread that a new metal construction company was in the area.

Over the last 10 years Alvin has handed the reigns of the business over to his sons. Currently, his sons Alvin Jr and Chris have chosen to carry on the business, along with another partner and family friend, Jonny Lambright. But it’s not unusual for “father Yutzy” to still show up on the job-site every now and then to check in on things or deliver some materials.

At Yutzy Construction we are committed to building on our legacy of hard work and quality craftsmanship as we continue serving our friends in Northwest Arkansas with long-lasting metal roofs and metal buildings. When you hire us, your metal construction project will be done better faster. After all, that is the Yutzy way.

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