Are Metal Roofs a Good Idea?

Answering Common Questions About Metal Roofs

It’s easy to get option overload when you’re needing to decide on what to do for a new roof or a roof replacement. We’re not about to try to write a comprehensive guide to all your options and the pros and cons of each of them – that would require a book and get into areas that we don’t know much about. But, as a metal roofing company with years of experience we do feel confident in writing about metal roofing. So let’s dig into all the details about metal roofs and answer a lot of the common questions about metal roofing.

Metal roofing is a very practical and long-lasting roof material that provides more color options and styles than any other roof type. When compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofs generally hold up better in extreme or severe weather conditions, last longer, provide better fire protection, and are more environmentally friendly.

Obviously, we’re going to have some bias as a metal roofing contractor, but we do believe strongly in the value of metal roofing and think it has many advantages over other roof options.

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

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A properly installed metal roof should last 30 years or more depending on the quality of metal. Most metal roofs will last 2-3 times as long as asphalt shingles and hold up better against hail, strong winds, extreme temperatures.

The metal we use for our metal roofs has a 40 year warranty and we are committed to stand by the work that we do. A roof that we install should protect your home for many years and not give you any worries.

Do Metal Roofs Leak Easily?

No, a good metal roof that is installed with care does not leak easily. Metal roofs have often gotten a bad rap for leaking due to improper or lazy installation. Most leaks in metal roofs happen due to screws not being screwed in properly or poor sealing around vent pipes and other roof structures. A professional metal roofing contractor should install your roof in a way that will ensure protection for your house for many years.

Are Metal Roofs Loud When It Rains?

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It’s a common misconception that metal roofs are loud when it rains. This is not necessarily true, especially for most houses. A house roof usually will have a roof sheeting/decking layer, insulation, and an attic space separating the roof material from interior space. These provide a sound barrier that makes so there is little to no difference in rain noise between a metal roof and a shingle roof.

Of course, a metal roof on a building without insulation and an attic, like a shop building, will be louder when it rains.

Do Metal Roofs Hold Up To Hail and High Winds?

Metal is one of the the best roof materials for withstanding hail storms and high winds. A quality metal roof should hold up quite well to most hail and thunderstorms and will nearly always outperform shingle roofs during severe weather events.

There are many testimonies of people going through hail storms with no damage to their metal roof when their neighbor’s shingle roofs were highly damaged.

Do Metal Roofs Make Your House Hotter?

In most scenarios a metal house roof is just as efficient, or more efficient, than other roof alternatives. There are multiple factors though that can affect the efficiency of your metal roof including radiant barrier protection, internal insulation, and metal color. A light colored roof will often have a radiant effect that will help keep your house cooler. For darker colored metal roofs it’s especially valuable to have a radiant barrier installed underneath the metal to help reflect the heat from direct sunlight.

Can A Metal Roof Be Installed Over a Shingle Roof?

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installing metal roof over a shingle roof in huntsville arkansas

Yes, the ability for a metal roof to be installed over top of a shingle roof is one of the advantages for choosing metal when you need your existing roof replaced. This makes so that you don’t need to pay your contractor for the time to remove the old shingles. Oftentimes, metal roofing contractors will strip out your house with 1×4 wood furring strips on top of the shingles and then fasten the metal to these strips. However, this is not always necessary and your professional roofing contractor should be able to assess the best method for installing metal over your existing shingles.

Is A Metal Roof More Expensive than a Shingle Roof?

If you only consider the initial cost of materials for a roofing project, a shingle roof will be cheaper than a metal roof. But there are other factors that should be weighed also including roof longevity and installation time. For example a metal roof will often last 2-3 times as long as a shingle roof, making metal a much cheaper long-term option for a roof. Sometimes a metal roof is also faster to install, reducing the labor costs of a roofing project. 

We pride ourselves in being one of the most efficient and speedy metal roofing installers in Northwest Arkansas. Our owner-led crew is known in the area for working extremely fast while not compromising quality. This efficiency often allows us to get roofing jobs done in one day, reducing our labor time and other job expenses.

What is the Best Color for a Metal Roof?

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One of the advantages of choosing metal for your roof is that you have a wide variety of color options to choose from. The best color for your house depends on the location and the style of home you have. Lighter colored metals are usually the most popular roof colors because they reflect heat better than dark colors and don’t show dust as quickly. However some dark colors can look really nice with certain siding colors. If you live in an area with a lot of dust (like along a dirt road) we definitely recommend sticking to lighter color.

What Are the Different Types of Metal Roofing?

The two most popular types of metal roofs are ribbed (or corrugated) metal panels and standing seam metal roofs. Metal panels are generally 36” panels that are roll-formed out of sheet metal and installed with overlapping ribs. external screws are used for fastening it to the roof. Standing seam metal is a more expensive option that features a flat metal panel and with rib on the end that interlocks with other panels. Standing seam metal uses concealed clips to fasten them to the roof.

Other, less common metal roofing types include metal shingles, metal tiles and slates, and copper roofing.

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

A common misconception about metal roofs is that they are more likely to attract lightning than traditional shingle roofs. This is a myth that has no data to back it up. In fact, a metal roof is the safer option for a lightning storm since it is much less flammable than shingle roofing. The class A fire rating of most metal roofs is a big advantage of metal roofs and will even result in a savings with some insurance companies because of this factor.

Will a Metal Roof Be Too Shiny in the Sun?

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Many people worry that their metal roof will be too bright and reflective in direct sunlight. This concern is seldom, if ever, an issue though after the roof has been installed. Even white metal roofs will generally look really good in the sun and not be too bright or shiny when viewed from the ground. The only issue with a metal roof being to shiny is when you are on the roof and doing work on it. This is probably the reason you’ll often see roofing contractors wearing sunglasses when installing light colored metal roofs. But since a metal roof needs very little maintenance, this should never be an issue for you as a homeowner.

Now that we’ve answered the common questions about metal roofs, we’d love to discuss your roofing project with you if you’re needing a new roof in the Northwest Arkansas area. We are a family-owned business with 2 generations of experience in metal roof installation. Our owners are generally on the job site and often on the roof doing the grunt work, ensuring that your roof is installed properly and will last for a long time.

When you get a metal roof installed from us, you can be certain that is will be done better faster. After all, that’s the Yutzy way!

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